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    Thanks from Eaton Foreshore Festival

    Our club has just received a letter from the Eaton Foreshore Festival thanking us for our invaluable support towards the 2019 Health Hub Eaton Foreshore Festival.
    In part, the letter stated "The day was a huge success and with your help we raised $22,000 for Eaton Primary School P&C" and "With the festival getting bigger each year we appreciate all the hard work the Eaton Lions Club does to make the day run smoothly with parking."
    It is gratifying that our assistance is appreciated and contributes to a local school being able to provide enhanced learning programs for the students and provide other benefits around the school.


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    Signs up at Bobin St

    On the afternoon of Friday 3rd of May, a busy bee was held to erect the new signage at Bobin Street. Seven members were present (and another called past) even though the event was not organised at a meeting and notification was only sent out by email or text message. The turn-out prompted jokes about "how many people are required to change a light globe..."
    The impromptu meeting gave members present an opportunity to discuss a couple items of business that would otherwise have waited for the longer then normal 3-week gap between meetings.
    The erection of the signs makes the relocation of our club to Bobin street feel more complete.


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    Driveway Painting

    A recent message from Lion Den "Bring old big paint brush, old roller and roller long handle. Water based paint supplied. Morning tea provided." resulted in 6 Lions arriving at the nominated address at 8:00 am on a Thursday.
    On arrival we could see a decent sized driveway to paint but later realised that there was a lot more out the back and another driveway on the other side of the house. After 3 full buckets of paint were brushed or rolled on the job was nearly finished. The last of the paint was used to touch the first area started but the last bucket of paint was a slightly different colour and two sections of the driveway needed to be re-painted to better blend the colours.
    Other than a short break for the morning tea provided we were finished at 11:00 am which worked out to nearly 18 man-hours.
    Pleasant weather and company made the time pass quickly and the resulting finished job was worth the effort especially after we received a donation for our work.


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    Shed Ready for Relocation

    After a Busy Bee last Sunday when most of our members turned out, our shed has been cleaned out. The last of it's contents were either relocated to Bobin St or taken to the tip. Even the power has been disconnected and the electrical fittings and wiring have been removed.

    Preliminary discussions and work towards getting building permits to relocate the shed have been progressing well.

    Once the shed has been re-sited, lined out and had the power re-connected we will have a new "training room".

    With luck and hopefully assistance from a P&N Bank Community grant we may also be able to install suitable chairs so members are prepared to sit through meetings.

    Paul and Vic were last to leave and appear very happy that the tidy up is finally complete.

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    Christmas Hamper Handover

    After a very successful year at the end of 2018 where over 34 hampers were delivered to families who met the criteria Jeni has had to call it quits. Jeni now needs to pull back and give the reins to new blood.

    Last year over 20 donations were received from businesses and the community.

    Families were very responsive and many asked Jeni to send their thanks onto the club members. Many recipients became very emotional to learn that people in their community gave up their time and were generous with donations.

    Over the 18 years of this operation Jeni has watched this project grow from a few hampers to over 34 plus. She has been very proud to be a major part of pulling this all together.

    Jen has said “Naturally I would still love to keep supporting this project where I can, however I cannot devote as much time as this project needs to succeed.” “It would be a shame to let the project die given the club has developed a very positive outlook in the community.”

    Negotiations are now progressing to find someone to take over from Jeni and work with Eaton Lions to continue handing out hampers in 2019.

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    Lions clubs provide support

    Once again, the Lions Club of Millbridge and the Eaton Lions Club have teamed up to help out a local organisation.

    Both clubs raised a total of $1458.20 for the Australind State Emergency Services group.

    All funds were raised through the Lions' big breakfast, held at the Eaton Foreshore on Australia Day.
    The clubs donate to a different group each year.
    Eaton Lions Club president Paul Sanderson said they seeked to provide assistance to organisations/community groups within the region.
    "We split the gold coin donation total [from Australia Day] right down the middle," he said.
    "We like donating to something that is in our local area.
    "We like to see the money being used locally, because local people donate it.
    "We always seek to help out the community, in any way we can."

    Conducting training sessions on Monday nights, Australind SES features volunteers of different ages and backgrounds.
    Participants learn to conduct search and rescue drills, carry out bush fire clean-ups, provide short-term repairs to homes, and provide information to community members.
    Australind SES manager Jess Williams said they were touched by the clubs' generosity. "It's unbelievable, I am blown away. It feels incredible to receive a donation like this," she said.

    The Lions Club of Millbridge and Eaton Lions Club would like to thank the Shire of Dardanup for their continuing support.

    Article and photograph reproduced with permission from Bunbury Mail

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    Camp Quality Golf Day

    Recently we deployed our trailer to provide tasty morsels to participants in the annual "Camp Quality Golf Day" fund-raiser at the Sanctuary Golf Resort. The day was a great success with the organisers raising around $38,000. Although we did not raise or donate any funds ourselves we contributed to the overall success of the day.
    The caravan was set up in a shady location near the 12th hole where we BBQ'd chorizo, meatballs and chipolatas to go with the cold drinks available at rest point.
    We were all set up and ready to go before the contestants hit-off and just before the action started Wal was caught resting while Vic was busy slaving over a hot BBQ.


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    1st Female Member

    At our most recent meeting of Tuesday 11th November 2018, President Paul had the pleasure of welcoming the first female member to the Lions Club of Eaton. Leanne's transfer from the Lions Club of Harvey is official and her membership of our club is already listed on the MyLCI website.
    Leanne Shaw was also presented with her certificate and chevron for 15 years of service.
    Lion Graham had the audacity to personally welcome Leanne "as we needed someone to do the dishes". Leanne fortunately took the comment in good humour as it was intended and Graham had the good sense to ensure that he was the one who did the dishes at this meeting.

    Leanne's partner Mick was also welcomed as a guest at this meeting but for the present he is quite happy to remain a "Friend of Lions" helping out when he can.


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    Motorised Wheelchair Delivery

    Lion Lloyd had found out through work contact that Helen's husband had had a stroke and required a wheelchair to remain mobile. Unfortunately the wheelchair he received was on loan for a limited time. Lloyd and Paul were able to deliver a longer term solution with a wheelchair that the Lions Club of Eaton were able to donate for use for the entire duration of the grateful patient's recovery.

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    Bunbury Soup Van visit

    Guest speakers for our meeting on 12th June were Denise Ladhams (President) and Sasha (Secretary) of the Bunbury Soup Van.
    Denise and Sasha talked extensively of how the soup van came about, currently operated and their plans. Questions from members were answered and we were shown the van which was brought along to the meeting. Members were surprised about the numbers of clients serviced in the area covered in Bunbury. Denise pointed out their need for vigilance to provide the much required and appreciated service without becoming part of the problem by enabling homelessness.

    Acting President Paul Presented a cheque at the end of the presentation.


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    Harcourts Presentation

    Paul Sanderson of Eaton Lions recently presented a certificate of appreciation to Richard Morgan at Harcourts APG Bunbury. Harcourts have continued ongoing financial sponsorship for the Eaton Lions mobile emergency support catering van.


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    Leeuwin Sailing

    Lions Brian and Paul attended the presentation on the 28th March from the recipients of the Leeuwin Scholarships. The club had previously donated towards the cost of sponsoring a youth. The opportunity to attend the course was greatly appreciated by all participants. Many had severe sea sickness issues during the voyage but improved with time. One reported that despite sea sickness he enjoyed the meals so much that he went back for more food and wanted to take the cook home after the voyage.

    The voyage departed Bunbury on January 19, 2018 and arrived in Fremantle on January 25.

    Successful applicants were expected to be involved in all aspects of ship operations including navigating the course, setting the sails and sharing in night watch duties.

    The program is designed to help young people build life skills including self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and communication.

    The Shire of Dardanup would like to thank scholarship sponsors:



    Lions Club of Eaton

    Lions Club of Dardanup

    More details:

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    WA Volunteer 2017

    Graham Abbott was the latest member to receive his "WA Volunteer 2017" certificate of recognition. The certificate was presented by President Den at the 2nd January meeting which was also Graham's first meeting after his recent holiday. By now, most of the club's members have received their own certificates which have been awarded over the last few meetings.


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    Our Trailer in it's New Home

    A few days after the Millbridge trailer was stowed away in the Bobin St Depot, the Eaton Lions Club catering trailer was squeezed into the long bay of the shed.

    At least we know for sure that the van fits.

    Now all we have to do is finalise the lease negotiations with the Shire so that we can have a permanent home for our gear.

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    Bobin St Access Now a Bit Closer

    Our club has been looking for a storage location for a few years now and Paul Sanderson has been very busy negotiating with the Shire of Dardanup. Paul now has a single key to allow storage of the trailers from Lions Club of Eaton and Millbridge at the Shire depot in Bobin St.
    On 20th November 2017 the Millbridge trailer was the first Lions vehicle parked in the shed. Our own trailer is in the middle of it's annual maintenance checkups and wasn't available at the time.

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    Lloyd Receives 25 Year Chevron

    At our dinner meeting of 24th October 2017 our guests were 1st District Vice-Governor Bev Hawkins and her partner Alan. One of the tasks performed by Bev was to present Lloyd with the chevrons to add to his name badge to indicate 25 years as a member of Lions.

    Other members in the past have been known to flaunt their badges in front of Lloyd who was previously disappointed when he did not receive his 20-year chevron.

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    2017 -2018 Office Bearers

    President - Den Baldwin was nominated by Wal and 2nd by Gary.

    Secretary - David Whitney was nominated by Wal and 2nd by Mike.

    Treasurer - Jay Hofman was nominated by Paul and 2nd by Wal.

    Membership Chairman - Jamie Bell was nominated by Ben and 2nd by Kevin. Congratulations to those elected so far. Elections for remaining positions are still to be held.

  • Children of Courage

    Jamie advised that he has nominated for and been accepted as the Children of Courage coordinator for the District. Congratulations.


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    Bobin Street Premises

    On the 15th February Ray A, David W, Paul S and David Atkins (Millbridge) attended the Dardanup Shire Council meeting where the Council discussed our application for the Bobin Street Premises. The Council voted in favour of the Lions Clubs of Eaton and Millbridge being offered the lease of the premises subject to Water Corporation's approval. The process of lease negotiations will now commence with Paul being given leave by our members to negotiate on our behalf.

    As a follow up, on Friday, March 10, 2017 a representative of Millbridge Lions club along with Paul S, Vic K and David W. from Eaton Lions club met with Luke Botica from the shire to have a first look at the premises.

    There are two main buildings. The largest being a large shed divided into 3 areas. The left section has a 3-roller door side entrance, The middle section is a shelved storage area and the right section has a double roller door entry from the end of the shed and is large enough to house both our club's catering van and Millbridge's catering trailer. The other building is a transportable with a female and male ablution section and a meeting room on the right large enough to seat around 20. The entire site is large enough to park our entire membership's vehicles around the two buildings.

    Depending on lease conditions, initial impressions were that the site would be entirely suitable for both clubs to cohabit.

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    Ray Anderson's Passing

    We are all shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of our current president Ray Anderson.

    Ray has been a long-term and well respected member of our club having joined Lions Club of Eaton when it was still Lions Club of Australind-Eaton around 1982.

    2016-2017 Current president.
    2014-2015 club Lion of the Year.
    1995-1996 club President.
    1987-1988 club President.

    The Funeral service to celebrate the Life of the late Mr Raymond John (Ray) Anderson, of Australind, will take place in the crematorium chapel, Belcher street, Bunbury, at 1:00pm next FRIDAY (17.3 2017).

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    2017 Crabbing Expedition

    Over the weekend Friday 17th February to Sunday 19th February a band of intrepid Lions with a few extra family and friends embarked on the annual crabbing trip. Despite the catch of crabs being well below the quota allowed, sufficient crabs were caught to eat over the weekend with enough left to take home a few each.

    All those present pitched in to set up the camp and carry out communal tasks such as the collecting and returning gear, cooking and cleaning up.

    We had enough boats to take everyone out on the water with only 2 - 3 people per boat. Enthusiasm for the planned early morning (sunrise) expeditions faded after late nights with a few beverages having been consumed by most campers. Early morning coffees however encouraged everyone to get started eventually.

    Once out on the water there were plenty of crabs caught but almost all were just a few millimetres short of legal size and had to be returned to the water. A few small crabs were lucky to survive after managing to nip the odd finger or toe causing their victims to prefer to cook rather than release.

    Thanks to Paul and Wal for arranging supplies and everyone who came along and shared food, drinks, boats, equipment and camaraderie.

    Thoughts have already turned towards getting a bigger catch next year.

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    2016 School Presentations

    Once again Eaton Lions club has donated towards end-of -year awards ceremonies for our four local schools.

    Eaton Primary School, Clifton Park Primary School, Glen Huon Primary and the Eaton Community College (upper and lower school) were all assigned club members to attend for awards present presentations.

    At the Eaton Community college upper school, Lion David reported that it was a pleasure to attend and see the quality of students setting out in life after school. We all have impressions of kids being visible for the wrong reasons and it is refreshing to see so many kids at each of the four local schools being vibrant, courteous and enthusiastic pupils.

    Pictured is Lion Den at the Eaton Primary school presenting the citizenship award for 2016 to Charlee Hookham.

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    Spud Shed Australind Opening

    On Thursday, 8th December we had a big day manning the club catering trailer at the opening of the Australind Spud Shed. Graeme delivered the trailer on site and the morning shift got things set up and running with the generator powering the cool room for the day.

    We were preparing and handing out free sausage sizzle buns on behalf of the store. In return the Club was to receive a cash donation for the day. Additionally we were asking for a donation to be made for the children's hospital. At the time of writing, the donations were not yet counted.

    Most Lions present were able to take time off during the day to check out the new store, make some personal purchases and collect a free bag of potatoes to take home.

    Towards the end of the day, Tony Galati came along and inspected the trailer and congratulated us on a job well done.

    Around 5:00 PM when "business" quietened down, the afternoon shift cleaned the van and David towed the trailer back to its storage location at Paul's house.

    Paul was later able to negotiate an even better deal for the club and Spud Shed also donated a full box of unused sausages which we were able to use at our next event a few days later.

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    Doors Wide Open at Eaton Lions

    Lina Pugh and Julie Kent from “Doors Wide Open” were guest speakers at the last club meeting in November. The pair addressed members of the Eaton Lions Club to explain what their group was about and how Lions may be able to help.

    “Doors Wide Open” is a support group for families and friends who have loved ones suffering with methamphetamine addiction. They offer help and advice to those who are trying to break free of their addiction. The group holds monthly meetings to bring awareness to the issues that surround methamphetamine use. They are aiming to have a Care Clinic in Bunbury to bring resources and services together in a one stop environment, this will be run by people who have been through the nightmare and come through the other side. What they are doing is working and they are having great success with many families now feeling supported and have somewhere to turn and many addicts wanting to start on their road to recovery.

    Lina and Julie, Thank You for your presentation at our Eaton Lions.

    After they left, members had a lengthy discussion, of how we may be able to assist them with their quest. It was with great pleasure that Den Baldwin was later able to inform Lina and Julie that Eaton Lions will be providing a $1,000 chq to assist them with securing their place of business.
    Den can now arrange a meeting to present the cheque sometime next week and will arrange the press for an awareness photo and Newspaper editorial to show the local community what support “Doors Wide Open” have from our club and promote even more exposure and awareness for the group.

    Den and the Eaton Lions have since received a message from Lina and Julie;
    “Thank you so much for your generous donation and support, it means the world to us that such an outstanding and respected group are behind our quest to help families and loved one affected by Methamphetamines.” “Again, thank you for the opportunity to speak to the group and for your donation.” With kindest regards, Lina Pugh.
    Please theFacebook page – Ice in Bunbury. A Mothers Nightmare

    More details:

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    Camp Quality Wescarpade 2016

    Den Had a great trip on his first Wescarpade. The car "Surfs Up" raised $42,000 and the event raised $896,000.

    During the event, Wescarpade stopped at 3 schools, the Northampton show and then at the final event on the Geraldton foreshore. At each location visited, the teams gifted many presents to children. 25 Wescarpade cars, all with give aways! No wonder the kids love the event.

    Den has passed on his thanks to club members who contributed to the success of our fundraising. A large part of our club's contribution came from members assisting at two events related to last year's fires near Waroona and Harvey.

    In the photos top to bottom,
    * Car 55 before the event,
    * Den in the penguin suit ready for a school visit.
    * At the club meeting of 13th September 2016 freshly cleaned car for members to inspect.

    To find out more about Wescarpade 2016 visit the website via the link in this article.

    More details:

District news

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    Registrations are now open for the Bushrangers Convention in Armadale 11-13 October 2019, and the latest newsletter is available for download from the link below.

    The registration form is attached as a fillable PDF and can either be completed on line and emailed, or printed and posted. PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATIONS CLOSE 30 SEPTEMBER 2019.

    Please make sure any Direct Deposits made show your name in the reference as requested on the form.

    See you in Armadale - just watch out for those bushrangers!

    Attachment: Registration Form Convention 2019W.pdf

    More details:

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    WA Lions Hall of Fame Information for Clubs

    Lions in Western Australia will again have the opportunity to nominate worthy Lions to be added to Hall of Fame honour roll in 2019.

    The Hall of Fame Committee will again be seeking nominations in the latter part of the year. We urge all clubs to consider nominating that special Lion who has shown true leadership and a commitment to community service. Any Lion is eligible to be nominated, and your club’s nominee will stay on the list for consideration for three years.

    The annual dinner to celebrate and induct the Hall of Fame members will be held on Friday the 1st of November 2019.

    It is an inspiring night to attend where we recognise special Lions and acknowledge the contribution they make in their communities and the service they carry out on behalf of Lions Clubs International and the wider community.

    The WA Lions Hall of Fame has been honouring Lions since 2012. In that time, many Lions from many clubs and many levels of our organization have been placed on the honour roll.

    We know that as Lions we do not seek the limelight but it is important to acknowledge service given, not just to Lions, but also to the communities we are an important part of.

    The letter to clubs and nomination form can be downloaded from the link below (or just go to the WA LIONS HALL OF FAME tab on this website).

    More details:

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    Lions Big Band @ South Perth - Friday 7th June 2019

    It's time to rock your socks off again! Come and join the South Perth Lions Big Band on Friday 7th June under our awesome musical director Phil Hatton. Listen and dance to the magical sound of the full big band with our great singers Cathy Mueller and Carl Reid!

    You'll find us at the South Perth Community Centre, corner of Sandgate St and South Terrace, South Perth. BYO food, drink & glasses.

    Please circulate the attached poster to your friends and contacts, and encourage them to come along. All profits go to the community services of the South Perth Lions Club.

    The show runs from 8-10.50pm and the cost is just $15. You can pay at the door, alternatively email Lorna on or phone Phil on 0417 916 773 to reserve a table.


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    Jandakot Lakes Lions partner with Rotary for a new project

    Well done Jandakot Lakes Lions Club on your new venture in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Cockburn.

    The joint project will sees a weekly Sunday market in Beeliar which started in March 2019. You can read all the details in the article attached.

    Attachment: Beeliar markets.pdf

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    And the 2019 National Lions Youth of the Year winner is..... Hannah Bowden from Busselton!

    Congratulations for WA contestant Hannah Bowden, who took out both the Public Speaking and the overall winner categories in the national judging for the Lions Youth of the Year in Geelong, at the Multiple District Convention.

    With very worthy contestants from the other states offering stiff competition and also deserving our congratulations, Hannah did a wonderful job. Congrats must also go to her sponsoring club, Busselton, and the support from the WA team at state, club and district levels.

    Well done Hannah - we are so proud of you! Pictured is Hannah with the WA Youth of the Year Coordinator Margaret Amm, and W2 District Governor Beverley Hawkins.

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    Arrangements for the 2019 District 201W2 Convention are well under way in Armadale. The first newsletter is attached here (click on the link below) and more details and registration forms will be circulated to clubs and added to the page on this website as they are available.

    Lions! Please put 11-13 October 2019 into your calendars and come along for a fabulous weekend of fellowship, learning and being part of this wonderful organisation at the District level.

    Just watch out for any Bushrangers!

    Attachment: Convention Newsletter - April 2019.pdf

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    Information about the famous Lions Dryandra Olympic Challenge weekend has been circulated to clubs.

    For full details and to download a club registration form, go the the EVENTS tab and select either 19 or 20 October.

    We hope to see lots of clubs there again vying for the coveted (and very classy) trophy, seen here being worn by Trudy Andrea, President of the 2018 winning club, Kwinana.

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    Lions Awareness Days in Western Australia

    Due to the 1st Saturday of March being a Long Weekend in Western Australia we opted to approach Bunnings to host Lions Clubs at their 41 stores on Saturday 9th and Sunday the 10th of March for their "Sausage Sizzles".

    Bunnings were very happy to oblige and booked those dates for Lions clubs.

    Bunnings also allowed the Lions Clubs to have additional displays such as information booths at the stores in the foyer area. Many of the clubs took advantage of this and did display material about Lions.

    It was suggested that the clubs that held "Sausage Sizzles" should donate the proceeds to ALCCRF in conjunction with the ALCCRF Biggest BBQ competition in which Bunnings donate the major prize of a BBQ.

    Many of the clubs took advantage of this weekend Lions Awareness Day(s) and report that it was most successful exposure to the public and would look forward to repeating this again next year.

    Clubs that did not have access to a Bunnings Store were able to arrange other events on that weekend to give them exposure to the local communities.

    Many thanks to Bunnings for the assistance in this event weekend.


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    Lions Youth of the Year - dates and venues for regional, district and state finals

    Details of dates and venues for the Lions Youth of the Year finals are now available on the Lions Youth of the Year tab on this website.

    Please support the contestants who have worked so hard to represent their School, the Lions Club that sponsored them and their District.

    More details:

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    UPDATE - National Appeal - Flooding in Townsville and Central West Queensland

    Please read the attached for the latest in the Australian Lions Foundation's appeal to assist those affected by the flooding in Queensland.

    Attachment: 3a Newsflash Tnsvl & Inland QLD Feb 2019.pdf

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    Drought Relief Appeal Update October 2018 - what a result!

    Read about the amazing response to the appeal.

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    New Lions Code of Conduct available

    Lions Australia have been working on an update of the Lions Code of Conduct, which is now complete.

    You can access this important document by clicking on the link below.

    Perhaps it could be presented and discussed at a club meeting as well as circulated to all members as a reminder of what we represent as Lions. It's also a great resource to share with any potential new members.

    Proud to be a Lion!

    Attachment: 20180925 - Code of Conduct.pdf

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    Bull Creek Lions help brighten Fiona Stanley Hospital courtyard

    The Lions Club of Bull Creek has completed a project supported by the ALF to create a wonderful mural for Fiona Stanley Hospital. You can read the article from the Melville Community Times by clicking on the link below.

    Well done Bull Creek Lions!

    More details:

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    Australian Lions Foundation Newsletter - September 2018: read about the amazing Drought Relief Appeal response!

    Well done to all the Lions in Australia for supporting the Drought Relief Appeal! Your donations have exceeded the target set by the ALF. You can read the full newsletter for September 2018 by clicking the link below.

    Attachment: ALF newsletter Sept 2018.pdf

    More details:

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    Superkids, Superheroes Scooter Ride Bridgetown to Perth Children's Hospital

    The Lions Club of Jandakot Lakes provided dinner and breakfast for the Superkids, Superheros when they overnighted at Woodman’s Point Discovery Park on Saturday the 8th of September 2018.

    A special Bridgetown family had their world torn apart when their precious 8 year old son lost his battle with childhood cancer.

    In their son's honour, even before he passed away, Kim and Simon Kane along with some of the locals from Bridgetown started their fundraising for “Kids with Cancer”.

    For the past 3 years Kim, Simon and a bunch of supporters from Bridgetown have ridden motorised scooters from Bridgetown to PMH (this year Perth Children’s Hospital) fundraising along the way

    Over the last 3 years the 9 day trip has raised over $150,000.00 for Kids Cancer Research.

    Well done to all those involved!

    More details:;4bW4WI2d~_jK4yrTUTQI~;1kPP7BQR2UEgtIquW4BThwtCAfqFpof48WbtE9RexRWr4rVC~_EDXBXmDY34hapKc6uEDNr~_ENPEblATVFcUE1h~_xh7VhL9A7pbN~;U~-.bps.a.1890876251231534.1073741843.1670188643300297/1890876677898158/?type=3&source=49&__tn__=EH-R

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    Dryandra Lions Olympics Challenge 20/21 October 2018 - update

    The ‘Olympics’ are getting closer and thank you to the Clubs who have put their hands up to join us at the Dryandra Lions Woodland Village for a weekend of fun and friendship on the 20 / 21st October 2018.

    Has your club booked in for the big Challenge weekend yet? It's not too late to enter. Just click on the link below for information.

    Attachment: September 2018 Dryandra Olympics Quarterly Newsletter.pdf

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    Newsflash Update - National Drought Relief Appeal 18/8/18

    To all Lions, Leos and Lioness Clubs – Multiple District 201, Australia:

    Your Support so far has been Outstanding!

    Click on the link below to read the update from the Australian Lions Foundation, and to find out where to send your donations.

    Attachment: Newsflash Update National Drought Relief.pdf

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    Dolphin Sanctuary Convention Newsletter #3

    Click on the attachment below to read the latest Dolphin Sanctuary Convention Newsletter, and go to the Conventions link to download registration forms.

    Attachment: NEWS LETTER NO. 3 CON.pdf

    More details:

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    Meet Clarrie, our latest recruit!

    Clarrie the Lion is the latest addition to the resources available for clubs. He has already appeared at a few Lions events since arriving in WA recently, and is shared by W1 and W2 clubs.

    Clarrie appeared at the Baldivis Bunnings community event on Saturday 28 July 2018 and was a great drawcard for young and old alike. His next outing will be at the Serpentine-Jarrahdale Fair on Saturday 11 August so if you are in the area, drop by and say hi to him. And all the other Lions who will be there.

    If your club would like to borrow Clarrie (and/or the resource trailer that is now very well stocked), you can contact the District Marketing Coordinator. His details are in your Lions 2018-2019 Planning Diary as well as the Multiple District Directory. You can check out the contents of the trailer and how to go about booking it and/or Clarrie by logging in to the Member section of this website and clicking on the Member Resources tab.

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    Dolphin Sanctuary Convention Newsletter #2

    Click on the attachment below to read the latest Dolphin Sanctuary Convention Newsletter, and go to the Conventions link to download registration forms.

    Attachment: NEWS LETTER NO. 11 CON.pdf

    More details:

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    WA Lions Hall of Fame - Nominations now open for 2018

    Nominations are now open for the WA Lions Hall of Fame for 2018. Please consider nominating a Lion from your club or another club. Details, invitation and forms can be found by clicking the link below or the WA LIONS HALL OF FAME tab at the top of the page.

    More details:

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    Lions Hearing Bus - Drivers Needed

    Are you able to help? Please contact the Lions Hearing Foundation at if you would like to become involved in this very worthwhile project.


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    New! Lions Resource Trailer now available on loan to clubs.

    Could your club use some professional looking display items for an event coming up? The District now has a trailer equipped with a Lions marquee, tables and Lions table covers, laptop, projector and screen, brochures, posters and brochure holders. Other items will be added as needs arise.

    For a full list of the resources available and details of how to go about borrowing the trailer, log in to the Member pages and click on Member Resources in the drop down menu.

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    Lions 201W2 Dolphin Sanctuary Convention 5-7 October 2018 - have you registered?

    For more information, visit the Conventions page.

    Attachment: Registration Form convention1.pdf

    More details:

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    AMLC Lions Club Guinness World Record Attempts May 2019 Barcaldine QLD

    The Australian Motorhoming Lions Club invites all your members and friends with a Caravan, Fifth Wheeler, Campervan or Motorhome to be part of this history making event on the weekend of the 25th and 26th May 2019.

    This picture shows the line created in the 2007 attempt which was unfortunately lost to the Italians by a mere 43 vehicles.

    The club is also looking for sponsors from the private sector for this historical event should you know of anyone interested please contact Lion Lorna Cameron (Sponsorship and Merchandising):




    Funds raised will be shared among regional charities and Angel Flight.

    More details:

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    Save the Date! Lions Dryandra Challenge Olympics 20/21 October 2018

    The dates for the 2018 Dryandra Lions ‘Olympics’ Challenge Weekend have been set for the 20th / 21st October and will again include the Dryandra Boards AGM on Saturday 20th October at 2:00pm, where we will break from the games for all Members to attend.

    Your club could be taking home the coveted 'dunny seat' trophy, proudly displayed here by members of Atwell club, winners of the 2017 competition.

    The Entry Fee of $5.00 per person/ member to take part will remain unchanged and is required to cover any costs involved for prizes, games materials etc. and needs to be forwarded with your Entry Form (attached below) to the Lions Club of Port Kennedy.

    All the accommodation arrangements for the Cabins, Currawong Nissan Huts / Dormitory Complex and Caravan Area will be handled through the Port Kennedy Lions Club, with NO Accommodation Fees being charged on the Friday and Saturday nights for Lions and friends attending the AGM and competing in the ‘Lions Olympic’ Games.

    Each Club will need to contact PDG Alan Hawkins to book their accommodation arrangements for the weekend.

    Allowance has been made for caravans / camper trailers to be set up in an area behind the Nissan Huts, with no on-site power available. Tents will NOT be allowed to be set up in the Dryandra Village area, as there are specific Camping Areas allocated within the Dryandra Woodlands National Park. For Clubs with small numbers, you can make arrangements with other Clubs attending to share a Cabin.

    The games planned for this year are as follows (with time permitting):

    • Fire Wood Bagging (need to bring a good pair of gloves for handling the wood).
    • Bocce
    • Horse Shoes
    • Rubber Thong Throwing (you need to bring a pair of traditional Rubber Thongs).
    • Egg Tossing

    An entry form is attached, and full details have been emailed to all club secretaries.

    Attachment: Lions Olympics 2018 Entry Form.doc

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    State Youth of the Year Winner for 2018

    And our YOTY State winner is...Henry Pemberton. Henry impressed the judging panel and audience with his public speaking skills which saw him also awarded the YOTY Public Speaking trophy. Henry was sponsored by the Floreat Lions Club and attends Christ Church Grammar.
    It was a very tough job for the judges this year. The quality of our finalists this year was very high and they were all congratulated on their amazing range of skills and achievements.

    More details:

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    East Fremantle Lions Markets

    East Fremantle Club has obtained approval from the Town of East Fremantle to conduct a market on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

    The location is a park on the southern shore of the Swan River, at Norm McKenzie Reserve, 85 Riverside Rd, East Fremantle and it will be open 9:30 to 2:00pm.

    Details (and Application Form) can be found on their website or downloaded from the link below.

    The markets are being supported by Booragoon and Fremantle Clubs, but any other LIONS who are interested (and enjoy) markets are welcome to enquire, and earn $ revenue for their own club through their participation.

    Please check with East Fremantle LIONS for details and how it works …. Someone who can help with bookings etc will be especially welcome to enquire, and they of course will be a shoe-in for participation on the day of the events as well.

    The picture shows an aerial view of the location.

    Stall-holder enquiries are welcome, and not for profit organisations will be welcome with special consideration; for example, our friends at Rotary will have a spot promoting their “Shelterbox” programme for disaster relief.

    We seek LIONS support in attendance, and even just helping hands (and minds) to make this new market a success for many years to come.

    Contact: Alan Springett, on behalf of East Fremantle LIONS club, 0402 499 049.

    Attachment: E Fremantle LIONS Market Stallholder application.pdf

    More details:

National news

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    Oz-Clubhouse Clean up needs YOU!

    Thanks for using Oz-Clubhouse but our server is groaning under the weight.

    We'd like your support in deleting old files, including documents,images and videos. Please have a look around your site for very old materials that can now be deleted!

    Executive Officer

    Rob Oerlemans

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    Beware e-mail scams targetting Lions

    Lions should be aware of common e-mail and social media scams targeting club members. Sadly, some of our members have been targeted with these scams.

    For more information follow this link.

    More details:

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    Lions Hearing Dogs on WinTV!

    Head on over to the Lions Australia Facebook page to check out this nice story on WinTV Canberra about our Hearing Dogs


    More details:

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    Our new TV advertisment launched #morethansausages

    It's here! We are very proud to announce the new Lions Australia television campaign - #MoreThanSausages.

    It showcases the breadth of work Lions do in our communities, helping real people through disaster relief and recovery, medical research, youth programs and more. Lions Serve - more than sausages!

    Follow the link to see our video and find out more!

    More details:

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    Attention All Lions OZ Clubhouse Webmasters

    The "Text Instructions" for webmasters of Lions OZ Clubhouse websites have been updated as at 29th December and can be found by clicking on the attachment below or by clicking on the website link.

    Your MD201, OZ Clubhouse Webmaster, Lion Graham, recommends that all club webmasters review the revised instructions.

    If you have any queries, Graham can be contacted by email which you will find in the website link below.

    Attachment: Oz-Clubhouse-Instructions-Revised-29th-December-2015.pdf

    More details: